Research Tutorials, Mentoring or Consultancy

Since retiring from university life I have been offering researchers support in the form of tutorials, mentoring and consultancy. My particular interest is in using Narrative Inquiry, Autoethnography and other reflexive, creative and collaborative approaches to research. This service is offered to individuals or small group of people.

Sometimes people are referred to me by their university tutors and sometimes they seek me out themselves having read my books and published papers. Initially, I usually meet with the person for a two hour session in my home and begin to establish a relationship, whilst finding out about their proposed research. If the person prefers, we can continue to meet face-to-face as and when that is needed. Or we continue by booking a slot for a Skype, Face-time (iPad users), or phone session. I charge an hourly rate of £70 for my time for this work (ie £105 for 90 mins), whether face-to-face, online or for reading work and giving feedback (usually by email or phone). In some cases the referring university will pay some of the cost of these sessions and the shortfall is made up by the student.

I also provide one-off meetings for advice, discussion or referral suggestions for researchers.